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STEP 1 Contact National Energy Connection for a FREE Solar Analysis to see if your home can benefit from a photovoltaic(PV) System at Info@NationalEnergyConnection.com or 516-597-4545.

STEP 2 If your home qualifies by NEC for a PV system, contact TFCU to obtain more information on a TFCU PV/Solar Loan at PVEnergy@TeachersFCU.org or call 631-698-7000, ext. 3700.

Solar Electricity | Backup Energy Storage+Control

The TFCU PV/Solar Loan Program

For as little as $0 down, you could OWN your system, for less than what you pay for electricity now. You’ll shrink your electric bill immediately and generate enough savings to cover your loan payment! Teachers Federal Credit Union offers easy financing with 2 full years to recover your federal and state solar tax incentives, which you can then use to pay down your loan. Go solar and start saving a bundle on your electric bill.

Minimum Credit Score: 640
Minimum Loan: $5,000.00
Maximum Loan: $35,000.00

Interest Rate: 0% 24 months, flat 7.99%* thereafter

Initial Term: 0 payments 24 months, up to 72 months thereafter for a max term of 96 months

* All rates and terms are subject to charge without notice. Rates accurate as of 2/4/2018 Payment: Calculated over back end of the loan after the initial 24 month period. Member can re-amortize the loan to reduce the payment at any point upon request.
Disbursement: Full disbursement to member in the form of 2 checks paid to NEC, member will turn over half to get started and hold the other half until project is finished.
Lien: TFCU will file a UCC and will pay to have lien perfected. Member will be responsible for lien removal fee when the loan is paid in full.

Solar Electricity

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Our PV systems are custom-designed to maximize tax credits and electricity savings. We’ll install a system that’s right for your home and budget too. Easy financing is available from TFCU.

The average
Long Island customer
can save as much as
$60,000 on their
electric bill!

Smarter solar is here!

Our PV systems with an advanced Energy Management Controller (EMC) automate complex energy usage and grid interaction, maximizing energy savings and allowing you to take full advantage of utility inter-connection and incentive programs. Add modular battery storage to further optimize your system and be ready for power outages.

It’s your power, your way.

The user-friendly Energy Dashboard makes it simple to set-and-forget, or closely monitor energy production and usage with real-time visibility and historical reporting.

Energy Storage+Control

Battery Storage allows you to use your solar electricity at night or when you need it most. Use backup power for critical loads in your home during power outages from storms and grid failure.

Solar Incentives

Now is the perfect time to buy solar and take advantage of the generous incentive programs.


National Energy Connection is excited to partner with Teachers Federal Credit Union to create an easy financing option for Long Island solar customers. TFCU truly makes it easy to OWN solar and save on your electric bill.

Steve Godmere

Natinal Energy Connection Managing Partner

PV/Solar System Info

For PV/Solar System questions/consultations, contact National Energy Connection at 516-597-4545.

PV/Solar Loan Info

For additional PV/Solar Loan information contact TFCU at PVEnergy@TeachersFCU.org or call 631-698-7000, ext. 3700.

Download the “Shedding Light on Solar” brochure

For Solar & Loan Questions/Consultations

TFCU PV Energy Loan FAQs
No. However, in order to take a loan out with TFCU, you have to qualify for membership and will be required to open a savings account with a minimum of $1.00.
In order to qualify to be a member of TFCU, you must live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship, or attend school in, own businesses or other legal entities located in Nassau County, New York, or the following portions of Suffolk County, New York: Town of Huntington; Town of Babylon; Town of Smithtown; Town of Islip; Town of Brookhaven; the Poospatuck Reservation; Town of Riverhead; or Town of Southold. You also qualify if you are an immediate family member, parent, child, spouse, sibling, grandparent or grandchild of a current TFCU member.
You have multiple options to establish membership. You can visit any of TFCU’s local branches to open your account. Visit TFCU’s website, www.teachersfcu.org, and open your account online, or contact a loan representative at 631-698-7000 Ext. 3700 to discuss account opening within the loan process.
The primary borrower must be a member and the co-borrowers must qualify for membership, but are not required to open an account.
The loan carries a maximum term of 96 months, which includes zero payment for 24 months. The total repayment period in this case would be 72 months. You can take the loan for a minimum of 36 months.
No, interest does not begin to accrue until the 24 month introductory period is over.
No, the interest on the loan is not tax deductible.
There are no additional discounts for the rate.
For all loan calculations, please contact TFCU at 631-698-7000 ext. 3700 or e-mail PVenergy@teachersfcu.org for more information.
No, you are able to pre-pay the loan at any point during the life of the loan.
Yes, you can submit a request to TFCU in the form of a written letter, requesting to re-amortize the payment on the loan at any time during the life of the loan.
Yes, the minimum loan amount is $5,000.00
Yes, the maximum loan amount is $35,000.00
Yes, the loan requires a UCC lien to be filed on your home. TFCU is going to pay to file the lien and you are required to pay for the removal of that lien after the loan has been satisfied. The current cost to remove the lien is set by the county in which you live and can change at any time.
No, you are only able to take the loan out for Solar panels on your primary residence.
For all loan documentation requirements, please contact TFCU at 631-698-7000 ext. 3700 or e-mail PVenergy@teachersfcu.org for more information.
No, but all deeded home owners are required to sign certain loan documents as they have an ownership interest in the property.
During the loan process, you will be working with a designated TFCU representative who will be able to provide options with regards to the funding of the loan.
NEC Solar FAQs
The cost depends on a variety of factors including the direction your house faces, roof space, shading, energy use habits, etc. NEC has tax credit maximized systems starting under $15,000.
Typical Long Island customers can save an average of $65,000 throughout the system’s warranted life cycle. This figure can be higher or lower based on your specific circumstances.
National Energy Connection recommends purchasing solar panels for your home. It is the BEST way for homeowners to receive ALL the advantages of solar and maximized savings.
Every PSEGLI customer pays a small connection fee of $10-$15. NEC attempts to reduce all of your electric costs but due to weather patterns, or changes in energy consumption, you may have a small bill some months depending on many variables including roof size, orientation and shading.
Yes, and this is much easier when you purchase your system to own. Leasing and PPA’s are complex contracts that CAN create many issues for home refinance or sale.
Currently, there is a federal tax credit worth 30% of the system cost and a State tax incentive worth 25% of the system cost with a cap of $5,000. This means up to 55% of your system cost is offset by these tax incentives.
PSEGLI used to offer a small utility rebate, however the program has ended. Substantial tax credits are still available until 2019.
NEC’s site inspection process is very detailed and thorough, which encompasses roof integrity and stability. In the extremely rare instance of a leak being caused by the installation of your system, NEC’s 10-year “Done Right” workmanship warranty fully covers such issues.
NEC installs top tier equipment including LG Solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters. Both are among the industry’s highest rated and fairly priced.
The manufacturer's warranty on solar panels and inverters are both 25 years. The “Done Right” workmanship warranty covers 10 years from the date of installation.
NEC handles every step of the installation process from the initial site inspection, design and engineering through filing of your paperwork with the utility and local permitting jurisdictions. Installations are generally completed within 1-3 months of signing a contract. Physical installation will usually take 1 to 2 days to complete.
It would depend on the specifics of your system, however if your system ends up over producing, PSEGLI pays a significantly discounted rate for excess production at the end of the year.